Cost Per Head Betting- The most secure and confidential form of online betting

Confidentiality is very important in any gambling transaction and it is actually the most important thing that the bookie and the clients are always concerned with. There were several measures that were put in place to address the issue of confidentiality during the early days when online betting was still new but unfortunately none of them was successful in the protection of the confidentiality of the client and the bookie. In fact, the new laws that have been up in place in the United States has even made online betting more difficult. The only real gambling that was able to survive for long was betting exchanges but although this online betting works, the system is not confidential.

When a person wants to bet online, he has to sign up or open an account and process that requires the person to give his personal information. He also has to use a credit card so that he can be able to bet in his account. Crucial information such as the gamblers home address and personal name can be used in ways that could cause problems later. In addition to confidentiality, security is also a major concern in online betting because it has continuously become popular target for internet criminals and hackers.

Although online gambling still exist up to date, they are still far from being the best way to bet online. However, the good news is that there is another option of online betting that has proven to be secure and confidential and it is known as cost per head. Cost per head actually offer a more secure option for gamblers and bookies to enjoy and enhance their earnings respectively. It is actually a process that is more concerned in maintaining high level of confidentiality and security while at the same time ensuring that it create a strong bond between the client and the bookie.

When a gambler opens an account from a website that uses cost per head system, that particular gambler is given a pin number. Furthermore, the gambler will not be asked to revealed sensitive financial information during the sign up process. This means that the gambler will not be asked to reveal his credit number. What make this system secure and confidential is because important financial transaction such as credit card number are only done directly between the gambler and the bookie. The pin number is given to help the client maintain high level of confidentially, a factor that makes it difficult for hackers to get anything valuable from the website.

Cost per head system also offer their client a 24 hours tool free customer care phone number that is dedicated to answer question that gambler may have. This toll free number also give gambler a chance to bet over the phone. This customer service is staffed with multi lingual betting experts who are dedicated to give concrete solutions to questions that clients ask. When a gambler calls the toll free number, he is given a pin and not his name, a factor that helps the client to retain his confidentiality.

In conclusion, if you are betting enthusiast, then cost per head betting is the best option for you because of higher levels of confidently and security that is offer to the client and the bookie. It not only allows the gambler and bookie to strengthen their relationship but it also allows them to be happy.

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